One place to upload, share, comment and review your models.

GazeAR makes getting feedback on your models smooth and easy so you can speed up review cycles and approvals.

Share Screen
Bring everything—and everyone—together in one place to collaborate, review and approve quickly and efficiently.
Connect your comment to a specific spot on the model so there’s no confusion what you’re talking about.
Shareable links make it easy to send models for comment and approval to everyone involved, any time, anywhere.

Less mind-reading

Get feedback that’s more obvious, more specific and more actionable—speed up the reviews and approvals for your models.


Don’t just comment, react

Sometimes words are not enough, for those times show your feelings in a single click with an emoji reaction.


Sharing equals caring

Choose how you want to share. Make it open to all, set a shared password, or on allow invitees to view.


No more lost email chains

All feedback is in one, simple place where it’s easy for everyone involved to find the most up-to-date feedback, any time.

View models anywhere and everywhere, from a computer, phone, VR headset or place them right in the space you’re currently in.

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